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The more of us there are, the safer we will be. Whether the economy is doing well or badly. In everyday life and in crisis. 

 LO is an association of 14 trade unions. Find your trade union:

Building Workers’ Union

For those working in the construction sector, such as concrete workers, scaffolders or floor layers.

Electricians’ Union

If you work in areas such as electricity distribution, photovoltaic installations, networks and telephony, electrical installation work and high and low voltage work.

Building Maintenance Workers’ Union

The trade union for people who are property workers, cleaners, or area and neighbourhood caretakers.

GS, Trade Union for the Forestry, Wood and Graphic Industries

For those working in sectors such as forestry, wood-working or the printing industry.

Commercial Employees’ Union

The union for workers in shops, warehouses, e-commerce, hairdressers and florists.

Hotel and Restaurant Workers’ Union

If you work in a hotel, restaurant or entertainment centre.

industrial Metalworkers’ Union

For those working in industry with things like engineering, steelworks, mining, car mechanics and laundry workers.

Municipal Workers’ Union

The trade union for employees of municipalities and county councils, such as nurses, firefighters and bus drivers.

Food Workers’ Union

If you work in the food industry, such as brewers, butchers and bakers.

Painters’ Union

The union for painters and varnishers.

Musicians’ Union

For example, if you work as a musician, teacher or sound engineer.

Paper Workers’ Union

The union organises all workers in the pulp and paper industry.

Service and Communications Union

You should be a member of this union if you work, for example, in the postal sector, the prison service, roads and railways, rail transport or defence.

Transport Workers’ Union

Become a member if you work in the transport, sanitation or security industries.

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